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Business Equipment:

Ray Greaseless Do-Nut Machine, Electric Teflon machine sits on counter & bakes 14 donuts at once, comes with Instruction booklet & Recipe Book, purchased new for $500. Never used. price $300 plus $10 shipping & Handling.


IBM-Compatible computer, 166 mhz, 52 MEG RAM, 56K modem, windows millennium, 15” color monitor, keyboard and mouse, in excellent condition, also color Lexmark ink jet printer, works great !  price $350 call for shipping details 618-249-8220 or 618-214-1369


HOME TELEPHONE WORKERS WANTED! Earn a weekly paycheck! No Selling, Full-Time or Part-Time. Requirements For The Job: You must have a Computer with internet access, a printer and a home telephone. To schedule a telephone interview, call 618-249-8220 or e-mail me at include your name, telephone number, and best time to call you for an interview.

 PRESCRIPTION BILLS WEIGHING YOU DOWN???  If you pay more than $30 a month on your medicine and have no insurance, Learn how you can receive from 30-65% off your medicine cost by calling 618-214-1369 for a free price quote on your medicine!  No income or age requirements to qualify and program covers everyone in the household!!!         


Full color gift catalog featuring over 3000 different gifts receive up to 40% off!  For a Free gift catalog send your request along with a check or money order for $3.00 to cover Shipping & Handling to Akeen Watson P.O. Box 55, Richview, IL 62877.


Foods For Building Super Health- A special report by Akeen Watson based on Dr. Morrisons book- Foods For Longevity. Price $5.00

Used VHS Tapes:

Cosmopolitan Video 7 pounds in 7 days- The New Cosmo Spa Diet & Low-Impact Aerobics Workout. price $5.00 

The Secrets Of Winning Sweepstakes by Contest Newsletter, price $7.00

Fit For Life Video based upon the book by Harvey & Marilyn Diamond, The permanent weight loss plan that proves it's not what you eat, but when & how, price $7.00

Hawaii Sights & Sounds of Hawaii Kauai Maui Oahu- A Rainbow Adventure, price $7.00

Lorne Green's New Wilderness, Master Hunter of the Night, price $5.00

Touring America's National Parks, Journey through 12 of the country's greatest treasures, price $7.00

15 minutes to: Lean Legs by Joanie Greggains, price $7.00

Walking Video by Sally Struthers', A Guide to the Balboa Fitness Walking technique, price $6.00

Bob Mann's Instant Karate, the nine essential moves of self defense, price $7.00

Angels, Incredible stories of angel encounters and ways to find your own spiritual guide hosted by Mariette Hartley, price $6.00

Weight Watchers' Magazine Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle hosted by Lynn Redgrave, price $10.00

Night of the Living Dead, colorized version, Hal Roach Studios film classics, inc., price $7.00


The Power of Positive Thinking by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale – a practical guide to mastering the problems of everyday living.  1- 50 minute tape, excellent condition, price $5.00

Embraced by The Light by Betty J. Eadie, 4 cassette tapes approx 5.5 hours, excellent condition Price $10.00

The Evelyn Wood Seven-Day Speed Reading & Learning Program by Stanley D. Frank, cassette tapes approx. 6 hours, excellent condition. Price $10.00

Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers, Ph.D, set of four cassette tapes, Dr Susan Jeffers shows you concrete techniques to turn passivity into assertiveness and to re-educate your mind to think more positively. Great condition, price $10.00  

Special Delivery (a book on tape. A story of two people who find love where and when they least expect it. set of 4 cassette tapes) by Danielle Steel, price $4.00

The Ghost ( a book on tape. A story that weaves together two centuries and two lives. set of 4 cassette tapes) by Danielle Steel, price $4.00

Collector Plates:

Lake Of Mists, A Limited edition, Royal Doulton, in collector's box, price $35

Four Corners, A Limited Edition, Royal Doulton, in collector's box, box cover is torn, price $25

Disney Plate Christmas 1987 “Snow White’s Surprise” Limited Ed 958, no box, price $25

Please add $3.00 shipping & handling for each plate ordered!

Used Books & tapes on starting a business & Making Money:

The National Publishes moneymaking business guide by Christopher Penrose, topics: Three Easy businesses that require no special class training & little or no investment, price $7.00

How To Get Rich Buying Bankrupt Companies by Lawrence H. Kallen 214 pg hrd. cvr.  price $7.00

Marketing Through Food Brokers by A. Urban Shirk, B.S. hrd cvr. 298 pgs. price $10.00

36,000 A Year In Your Own Home Merchandising Business by Barry Z. Massen hrd cvr. 210 pgs. Price $5.00

The Newest, Most Unique Ways People are Making Money Vol II, by Chase Revel, 215 pgs soft cvr. price $3.00

Minimum Wage to Maximum Wealth-You can build a fortune starting with what you have right now by Barbara Martin, 173 pgs. soft cvr. price $10.00

How To make $2,000 a week selling Information by mail by Russ Von Hoelscher, 120 pgs. price $7.00

The Solid Gold Mail Box-How to create Winning Mail Order Campaigns by the man who's Done it all, by Walter H. Weintz,  hrd cvr. 264 pgs. comes with two cassette tapes $25.00

Breakthrough Direct Marketing, 8 audio cassette series by Terry Jeffers, comes with 73 pg. workbook. price $25.00

Finding & Funding Direct Marketing Products by Gary Cochran, 4-cassette tapes & 52 pg. workbook, price $25.00

Making It Big with Mail Order & own your Own Business by Gary Cochran, 6-cassette tapes & two workbooks, price $25.00

Cashing In On Direct Marketing & Cash Flow Techniques by Gary Cochran, 6-cassette tapes & two workbooks, price $25.00

Drop Shipping for Profit by Gary Cochran, 4-cassette tapes & 36pg workbook, price $20.00

How To Participate Profitably in Trade Shows by Robert b. Konikow, 282 pgs. price $20.00

Secrets & Biographies Of The Millionaires-How Ordinary People Became Wealthy And How You Can too! by George F. Sterne, two cassette tapes, price $10.00

What Millionaires Know About Money by Keith DeGreen, J.D., CFP, hrd cvr. 78 pgs. price $8.00

How To Cash In Big With Refunds & Coupons by Diana Playe, soft cvr. 31 pgs. price $2.00

Profit & Pleasure Picture Framing-business manual by Ed McLachlan, soft cvr. 36 pgs. price $20.00

Used Car Goldmine-The Best Kept Secret Of The Car Industry-How To Make Big Money Quietly buying & Selling Used Cars in Your Spare Time, by Don Massey, soft cvr. price $20.00

How To Start & Operate A Profitable Homemade Booklet Business, by Modern Manuscripts, soft cvr.  price $15.00

How To Start & Operate A Profitable Mobile Dog Wash Business-Including Plans For Easy To Build Equipment by Walter Woods, soft cvr. 45 pgs. $20.00

How To Start & Operate your own profitable business at home by John Wright, price $8.00

Hottest new Business Ideas by David Franke, 8 1/2 x 11, 63 pgs. price $8.00

How To set up a product distribution system & start a manufacturing business by Donald Dible, produced by American Entrepreneurs Association. Business manual. price $10.00

3165 Unique ways to earn extra income in your spare time by International small business Research Co. large 8 1/2 x 11 soft cover book. price $10.00

30 minutes to financial freedom- How to take control of your finances in half an hour a month by Adrian Day. 8 1/2 x 11 soft cover, price $7.00

80 ways to market your product or service by World Trade Enterprise. 8 1/2 x 11, soft cvr. 44 pgs. price $25.00

The moneymaking plan by John McDowell, 8 1/2 x 11, soft cvr. 43 pgs. price $3.00

Confidential Report- How you can make 30,000 a year in a mail order business of your own with out investment or risk. by Paul Michael, price $6.00

Write Your Own Success Story by K. Maynard Head, 8 1/2 x 11, soft cvr. 63 pgs. price $20.00

The Million Dollar Mail Order Bookseller's Portfolio by Small Business Research Council, 8 1/2 x 11, soft cvr. 96 pgs. price $10.00

The Self-Publisher's Opportunity Kit by Lion Publishing Co. 8 1/2 x 11, soft cvr. 26 pgs. price $12.00

How To Self-Publish Your Book & Have the Fun & Excitement of Being A Best-Selling Author by Melvin Powers. 8 1/2 x 11, soft cvr. 176 pgs. price $25.00

The Network Business Opportunities Guide- A comprehensive step-by-step guide to starting & operating your own business by Franz Weckesser, 8 1/2 x 11, 92 pgs. soft cvr. price $10.00

The Easiest Business On Earth by Mike Wiener (Selling Information by mail) 8 1/2 x 11, 129 pgs. soft cvr, price $8.00

The Complete Manual To Finding Unclaimed Money, 8 1/2 x 11, 85 pgs soft cvr. price $10.00

Fortunes From Foreign Inventions by Ellis R. Adams, 8 1/2 x 11, price $10.00

Cashing In On Circular Mailings by Shano Tage, 8 1/2 x 11, 40 pgs. price $2.00

How To Make A Big Fortune As A Licensing Agent by International Wealth Success. 8 1/2 x 11, 61 pgs. price $10.00

Government Cash- How To Claim Your Share Of The Money, Benefits, Loans, Services, Tax Refunds, & Deductions from the U.S. Government. price $20.00

Anyone Can Win Oil & Gas Leases- Uncle Sam's Legal Lottery! by Ron Playle, 8 1/2 x 11, price $10.00

Small Business Opportunities by A.C. Chapman, Hard cvr. 347 pgs. price $8.00

How To Start Your Own Import-Export Business. A complete course, comes with three workbooks. by Anthony Wade, price $20.00

A Combination Business Report Manual by Small Business Research, Subjects covered: Make $125,000 a year as a Seminar Producer, How to start a Consulting Service in Any area, How to Start an Executive Job-Finding Service, How to start an Commercial Planning Service, How to make $4,000 in 21 days using a fund-raising coupon book program, How to cash in on Phone Deregulation, How to become a Newsletter Publisher, How to start a Small Investors Exchange, How to make $90,000 a year putting on a Flower Show all over town, How to start a Video Tape Service, Price $20.00

  Confidential Report- A complete course on setting up your own business by Entrepreneur Magazine, Vol 1 covers following topics & more:  Start-Up Basics, How To Develop a Successful Business Plan, How To Raise Money, Legal Ins & Outs, How to Hire the best people, Bookkeeping- a critical asset, advertising techniques, setting up national Distribution system, How to test market your Ideas, How to increase your sales, etc. Large hard cvr manual 343 pgs. price $25.00

Vol 2 covers following topics:  Millionaires secrets, negotiating techniques, how to protect your ideas, tax saving angles, how to prevent bad checks, free publicity, businesses you can run & keep your job, How to buy a business, pros & cons of franchising, miscellaneous operating procedures, etc. Large hard cvr. manual 343 pgs.  price $25.00 

   Money Masters Course, Includes following lessons:  Lesson 1. How To Plan For Wealth, Lesson 2. Establish Goals & Develop your own plan, 3. How To Identify & Evaluate Investments, Lesson 4. Building Your Portfolio, Lesson 5. How To Make it in the Stock Market, Lesson 6. How To Win Using Stock Options, Rights, Warrants, Convertibles, Lesson 9. How To Profit From Hard Assets, Lesson 10. How to Invest Safely in Rare Coins, Lesson 11. How To Build a Small Fortune In Real Estate, Lesson 12. How To Manage Your Real Estate, Lesson 15. How To Take Advantage of Innovative Investments, Lesson 16. How to Trade in Commodity & Currency futures, Lesson 19. How To develop & apply successful strategies, Lesson 20. How to capitalize on Insurance, Lesson 21. How To Plan your Retirement, Lesson 22. How To Plan Your Estate, Lesson 23. How To put it all together. Course comes in large hard cover spiral binder. price $40.00

Successful Investing & Money Management Course. Includes following lessons: Planning for Profit: Ways you can start making money right now., Beat the bite of Inflation & taxes, Avenues of Investment: How the pros analyze risk, sources of money: the smart ways to borrow, Investment concepts: The bottom line, planning your Investment portfolio, How to Win in the Stock market: The Basics, picking a winning stock, Winning strategies for todays market, spotting profits in preferreds, convertible preferreds, rights, & warrants, etc. large hard cvr. manual, price $25.00

Private Investigator Home Study Training Manual by Global School Of Investigation, Includes 6 tapes, price $50.00

The Internet Professor Tool Box- How to make money on the Internet by the Internet tool box company, includes two VHS tapes, workbook & disc. comes in hand carry case, price $25.00

Don Lapre's Money Making Package as advertised on TV. Includes VHS tape on 11 secrets to Success, workbook#1: Minimize Your Risks Maximize your profits-The Keys to advertising with little or no money! Workbook #2: The Secrets to Don Lapre's Most succeessful campaigns!!!, Workbook #3: Don Lapre's Making Money On the Internet, Workbook #4: What & Where To Sell On the Internet, Workbook #5:Secrets to a profitable business on the Internet, workbook #6: Small Ads Big Profits- How you could turn $30 into a fortune, workbook #7: How To Diversify For Success-More incredible ways to make money. Price $25.00 

Home Assembly Guide by Lynie Arden (listing of businesses & their addresses who use home-workers to assemble their products at home.) 15 pgs. soft cvr. $5.00

How To Start & Operate A Profitable Homemade Booklet Business by Don Massey, 83 pgs. soft cvr. price $15.00

Writer's Journal (Magazine) Vol No. 6 $2.00

Earn Money Reading Books- Your Freelance Guide To Making Money In Publishing Industry, 187 pgs soft cvr. price $15.00

The An Cloc Cosanta Success Formula- A Confidential Report, 18 pgs. price $2.00

You and the Money-Ship by Charlie Mack Publications 112 pgs. soft cvr. price $10.00

How To Accumulate Wealth From Your Customer List, price $2.00

17 ways To Make Money with Charlie Mack Books, price $2.00

World's Easiest Mail Order Business by Neil H. Tasker, 8 1/2 x 11 26 pgs. soft cvr. price $5.00

Homegrown Computer Profits- A comprehensive Guide for the home business entrepreneur by Marsha Kee Chandler, 8 1/2 x 11, 160 pgs. price $10.00

Home Computers can make you Rich by Joe Weisbecker, 119 pgs. price $8.00

The Briarwood Formula-Home Operated Businesses That Make Ordinary People Rich-Put $5,000 cash in your pocket in the next 30 days, 8 1/2 x 11, 79 pgs. price $10.00

How To Become Wealthy by Dan Collins, 8 1/2 x 11, 62 pg. manual, price $7.00

Photographic Riches & the Judicial System-The practice of Legal Photography Camera Profits by Michael Spencer, 8 1/2 x 11, 52 pgs. price $20.00

Face Cards-Business & Photography manual, price $5.00

The Middle Manual Wealth Building Course by Gary North, topics cvrd: Upper class Investing, Beyond retirement, 60 businesses you can start for under $1,000, how to buy a business with no money down, etc., soft cvr. price $10.00

Self-Service Gas Station Business Start-Up Manual No 68 by AEA, (American Entrepreneurs Assoc.) hard cvr. how-to business start-up manual, price $10.00

Digital Watch Repair Service- a how-to business start-up manual by AEA, (American Entrepreneurs Assoc.) topics cvrd: profit potential, markets, location, facility, equipment & fixtures, etc. hard cvr. price $10.00

The Best Of Dax- Exciting 'Now' Ideas from past editions of the fabulous Dax money-maker newsletter! Business Opportunity Ideas. by Dean F.V. Duvall, price $5.00

How To sell Moderne Greeting Card, The view from the factory window by William Harris, President, large binder with several greeting card samples & start up manual. price $10.00

Starting & Operating an Upholstery Business by Ken Bowles & Mike Boyle & the Staff of Verano Upholstery, price $25.00

The Weekend Refinisher-How To Make the Most Of Your Furniture by Bruce Johnson, contents: The budget workshop, 1st aid for furniture, saving old finishes, furniture repairs, etc. soft cvr. price $25.00

Vending Manual-A guide for Successful Operations by David G. Knoble, soft cvr. price $10.00

How To Make $4,000 A Week In Wholesale Mail Order by C. Robert Ripplinger, soft cvr. Price $7.00

Financial Success Formula-How to set up a business as a printing Broker, by National Publishers, soft cover, price $10.00

Mail Order made easy-How to start a mail order business by J. Frank Brumbaugh, soft cvr. price $9.00

Secrets of A Mail Order Genius-A Personal Techniques & Strategies of a man who made Millions in Direct Mail, Price $5.00

The Source Book for the Great American Cash Giveaways by McDowell Publishers, 1990 ed. soft cvr. Price $10.00

1001 ways to be your own Boss-The hottest home-based businesses in America Today by Stephen Young, soft cvr. Price $8.00

Homemade Money-The definitive guide to success in a Home Business by Barbara Brabec, 1987 ed. price $8.00

How To Determine if your idea will make money & how to sell the idea by AEA (American Entrepreneur Association) special report #993, price $8.00

The complete credit book Including How to get a Visa or Mastercard with no credit check by Inflation Reports, soft cvr. price $5.00

The Working Mans Way To weekend Riches by Aileen Rohloff, soft cvr. price $5.00

The Golden Road To Riches by Gene Golden, soft cvr. price $5.00

$10 Can Make You Rich-101 Big Money Ideas that need little or no cash by Duan Newcomb, hrd cvr. price $8.00

That’s a Great Idea! How to get, evaluate, protect, develop, & sell new product ideas by Tony Husch & Linda Foust, 212 pg, soft cvr. price $12.00

Automobile Moneymaking Opportunities, A step-by-step Manual by Merrill Eichenberger, Large hard cover manual, Learn how to make money: Brokering New Cars & Trucks, Brokering Used Cars & Buying them at Rock Bottom prices, Leasing New/Used Cars, Renting New/Used Cars, Brokering Antique/Classic Cars, Importing European Cars, Operating an Auto Flea Market, Detailing new/Used Cars, Making 5,000-10,000-20,000 per year- part-time, making $50,000 to 100,000 per year- Full-time, Operating a Limousine Service, Getting Other People working for you, Selling Warranty Insurance, etc. Price $45.00


Encyclopedia Of Careers and Vocational Guidance by William E. Hopke , hrd cvr., vol. 1 & 2, price $20.00

The Great American Flea Market Directory, vol. 10, soft cvr. 208 pgs. Price $5.00

Directory of T-Shirts, by Sutton Family, includes wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, & Importers, price $3.00

Directory of Electronics, by Sutton Family, includes wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, & importers, price $3.00

Directory of Electronics, by Sutton Family, includes wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, & importers, price $3.00

Outdoors Directory, by Sutton Family, includes wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, & importers, price $3.00

Directory of Apparel, by Sutton Family, includes wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, & importers, price $3.00

Directory of Baby Goods, by Sutton Family, includes wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, & importers, price $3.00

Directory of Toys & Games, by Sutton Family, includes wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, & importers, price $3.00

Directory of Figurines Directory, by Sutton Family, includes wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, & importers, price $3.00


The One-Eyed King by Edwin Fadiman Jr. good condition, the secret life of a man who became a legend of wealth and power. price .75 cents.

An Officer and a Lady by Mary Ruth Myers, good condition, A beautiful officer must choose between career, friendship and love. price .75 cents.

The Mannings by Fred Mustard Stewart, good condition., a novel of a power-driven American tycoon and three generations of his vast empire, price .75 cents.

House Of Strange Music by Ann Lorraine Thompson, good condition., was Lynn losing her sanity or was there a spirit in the old mansion house trying to control her, price .75 cents.

 McAllister Makes War by Matt Chisholm, fair condition., price .50 cents.

After The Bugles by Elmer Kelton, The Civil War was over now the real war would begin, price .50 cents.

Gun Shy by Mitchell Dana, A Dakota Bush Western, fair condition., price .50 cents.

Shadow Of Doubt by Caitlin Cross, silhouette Special Edition, good condition.,  price .50 cents.

Rope The Wind by Norman A. Fox, Wild horses, Fast Guns, Blazing Action, fair condition., price .25 cents.

Once More with Feeling by Nora Roberts, Silhouette Intimate Moments, good condition., price .50 cents.

Slow Joe by Max Brand, The Law had always cheated him now it was giving him his one chance for revenge. fair condition. Price .50 cents

Hombre by Elmore Leonard, Now a great book becomes a great motion picture, good condition. Price .50

The Gun Branders by William Colt Macdonald, The brand of Terror was a bloody gun slash cut into the foreheads of murdered victims, binding torn, price .25 cents.

High Hazard by Sam Victor, Murder and extension no match for K’s blasing guns, fair condition. Price .25

Gunpoint by William O. Turner, the author of The Settler, good condition., price .50 cents

Tears Of Pride by Lisa Jackson, Silhouette Special Ed., good condition., price .50

Cross Fire by Cliff Farrell, A Stirring Tale of Pursuit and Revenge, stained on edge, price .25 cents

Apache Mountain Justice by Ray Hogan, fair condition., price .25 cents

Frances Parkinson Keyes Also The Hills, torn cover, price .25 cents

How To Kiss With Confidence, A Guide to Creative Kissing For Teenagers and some Adults by Terry & Mike, Revised and expanded Ed., good condition. Price .50 cents.

Harlequin Romance- Ransomed Heart by Ann Charlton, good condition. Price .50 cents

Kathryn Thiels Texas Rose, Silhouette Special Ed., good condition., price .50 cents.

Harlequin Romance, Relative Values by Jessica Steele, new condition, price .75 cents

Harlequin Presents Sandra Marton- The Corsican Gambit, new condition, price .75 cents.

Harlequin Intrigue Spencer’s Secret by Laura Gordon, new condition, price .75 cents

Harlequin Intrigue Never Let Her Go by Gayle Wilson, new condition, price .75 cents

Harlequin Romance Ready For Marriage by Debbie Macomber, new condition., price .75 cents

Harlequin Presents Anne Mather Tender Assault, new condition, price .75 cents

Welcome to Tyler Whirlwind by Nancy Martin, new condition, price .75 cents

An Officer And A Gentleman by Steven Phillip Smith, new condition, price .75 cents

Books on Health:

The Life Extension Companion book by Durk Pearson, large hrd cvr. Price $8.00

Fit For Life- Includes topics on: The Natural body cycle, Permanent weight-Loss, a plan that proves it's not what you eat, but when & how. hard cvr book by Harvey & Marlyn Diamond, 222 pgs. price $10.00

Granny's Recipes-Recipes & Helpful hints by Jean Cross, A Treasury of country lore & Wisdom, hrd cvr 367 pgs. $10.00

How To Be Your Own Nutritionist by Stuart M. Berger, MD, write your own prescription for vital health & energy with the plans that's helped thousands. hard cvr. 364 pgs. price $9.00

Unsafe At Any Meal, Discover how the average American Diet is packed with hidden poisons and how you can avoid them to live a healthier more disease-free life by Earl Mindell, hard cvr 216 pgs. price $8.00

Omega-3 Breakthrough-The Revolutionary, Medically proven Fish Oil Diet that can prevent or lower the risks of Heart Attack, High Blood Pressure, Arthritis, Blood Clots, Breast Cancer, etc. by Julius, hard cvr. 214 pgs. price $8.00

Ageless Body, Timeless Mind-The Quantum Alternative to Growing Old by Deepak Chopra MD, hard cvr. 334 pgs. price $9.00

Beyond Beauty- A three part Journey by Arlene Dahl, 279 pgs. hard cvr. Price $7.00

The Practical Encyclopedia of Natural Healing by Mark Bricklin, 536 pgs. hard cvr. price $7.00

Dynamics Of Nutrition & Marketing by Dr. Myles H. Bader & Connie Diehl, 8 1/2 x 11, hrd cvr. 71 pgs. $7.00

Dr. Duarte's Health Alternatives-Special Reports, 110 pg. 8 1/2x11, price $20.00

How To Make Money Writing about Fitness & Health by Celia G. Scully & Thomas J. Scully, MD, hrd cvr. price $10.00

Home Medical Dictionary, Easy to use at your fingertip medical guide. Up-to-date coverage all subjects from A to Z. by PSI & Associates, Inc. soft cvr. price $6.00

Running After 40-A complete guide to enjoying running walking & Racing by Joe Henderson, soft cvr. $7.00

Mothers who Work-Strategies for coping by Jeanne Bodin, price $7.00

The Pregnancy Planner-what you have to know, remember & record week by week through your pregnancy & three months beyond by Barbara Chapman Costa, price $7.00

Motherhood Your First 12 months, A month by month guide to your feelings & emotional adjustment to motherhood by Deborah Insel, price $7.00

The Nautilus Home Fitness Workout Book by Michael d. Wolf, Ph.D, price $7.00

The Richard Simmons Never Say Diet Book, soft cvr. price $7.00

Travel Books:

The Way To Go-A Woman's Guide To Careers In Travel by Elaine Lerner, 182 pgs. soft cvr. price $6.00

Airline Careers-The Official 1981-82 Guide by Alexander Clark Morton. soft cvr. 120 pgs. price 2.50

An Insiders Guide to the Travel Game-How to get the most for your travel dollar by John Baldwin Seales. Price $8.00

Confessions of a Tour Leader by Baxter & Corinne Greeting, 79 pgs. soft cvr. price $8.00

Travel Free-How To start & Succeed in Your Own Travel Consultant Business by Ben Dominely, 207 pgs. hard cvr. price $10.00

Hawaii, a book for the sophisticated Traveler, 321 pgs. soft cvr. picture illustrated. price $10.00

National Geographic Traveler magazine, winter 85/86 price $2.00

Arizona Road Atlas & Travel Guide, price $3.00

The Whole Earth Atlas, zip codes included by Hammond, price $3.00

The Official Steamship Guide, Feb 85, price $2.00

The Official Airline Guide of North America Ed. 1/85, price $2.00

Consumers Guide To Package Travel Around The World-Access to thousands of captivating trips for every budget by Frederick Pratson, soft cvr. price $7.00

Don Wright's Guide to Free campgrounds-The only guide to 6300 free campgrounds in the United States, Includes State Maps by Cottage publications. large soft cvr. price $5.00

Paradise Found: How to Live in North America's Best Climate for Under $300 a month by R. Emil Neuman, soft cvr., price $9.00

Multi-Level Marketing Books:

Secrets of The Multi-Level Mail Order Game- A guide To Win & Winning Big by Simon Scott Towers, soft cvr. price $8.00

Understanding Multi-Level Marketing by Linda Goffin, price $7.00

How To Earn $3,000 a Month in Multi-Level Marketing, price $7.00

The Law & Multi-Level Marketing by John Cotton Howell, Attorney at Law, price $10.00

The Secrets Of Starting Successful Multi-Level Part-Time home businesses thru traditional MLM techniques by Charles G. Possick, 1984  price $3.00

Mail Order Multi-Level Marketing Techniques by Charles Possick, 1986 revised ed. price $3.00

Multi-Pure- A Multi-Level Business Opportunity! based on a pure drinking water system by Stream of Success.  A complete text book that comes with several brochures. price $8.00

Are You Walking Past A Fortune by Tom Schreiter, price $2.00

How To Build A Large Successful Multi-Level Marketing Organization by Don Failla, 112 pg. soft cvr. price $7.00

How To Get Rich in Multi-Level Marketing by David Holmes, 111 pg. soft cvr. price $7.00

MLM Everything you need to know to build a large successful organization by Don Failla, soft cvr. 248 pg. price $10.00

General Information/Self-help Books:

1001 Things you can Get Free by Jack Aboff, price $3.00

The Best Things in life are Free by Glen Shay, 128 pgs. price $3.00

Where To find The Real Bargains! Save On Shopping Directory! The super directory of over 7,000 stores where you can buy quality merchandise direct from manufacturers clearance centers, sample shops save 50% or more by Iris Ellis, 7th ed. soft cvr 382 pgs. price $7.00

How To Avoid Probate by Norman F. Dacey, 8 1/2 x 11, soft cvr. 156 pgs. price $10.00

Awaken The Giant Within by Anthony Robbins, How to take immediate control of your mental, emotional, physical & financial destiny! hard cvr. 531 pgs. price $9.00

The Peter Pan Syndrome-Men Who Have Never Grown Up by Dr. Dunkeley, 274 pg. hard cvr. price $8.00

Secrets about Men Every Woman Should Know by Barbara De Angeles, Ph.D, 279 pg. hard cvr. price $9.00

Man Of Steel & Velvet by Aubrey P. Andelin, 316 pg. soft cvr, price $9.00

Marriage & The Home by ARE Press, 70 pg. soft cvr. price $7.00

Connecting by Kenneth Schulman, How To Stop Losing & Start Winning in Love, hard cvr. 151 pgs. price $6.00

Modern Carpentry-building construction details in easy to understand form by Willis H. Wagner hard cover, 454 pgs. price $20.00

The Best Lawyers In America- A consumers guide to the finest legal services available in the field. 248 pgs hrd cvr. price $10.00

How To Collect More On Your Insurance Claims by Benjamin Lipson. hrd cvr.  Price $10.00

Buy Books where, Sell Books where- A directory of out-of-print Booksellers & their Author Subject Specialities-1988-89 by Albert J. Phiebig Inc. soft cvr. 279 pgs. price $9.00

How To Retire Worry Free by Money magazine soft cvr. 14 pgs. price $3.00

How To Manage Your Taxes by Money Magazine. soft cvr. 15 pgs. Price 1.50

Tax Strategy for the Self-employed Direct Salesperson by Dr. John M. Calhoun. soft cvr. 117 pgs. price $7.00

Your Personal Financial Fitness Program-How To Manage Your Own Money In A few minutes A Day. by Elizabeth S. Lewin, CFP. 1985 Edition. soft cvr 141 pgs. $3.00

Financial Planning Guide by the Prudential Insurance Company. soft cvr. 100 pgs price $3.00

Safe Banks-How You Can Survive & Profit From The Coming Banking Crisis by Warren Weagant. soft cvr 157 pgs. price $5.00

Money, Banking, and Economic Analysis by Thomas D. Simpson. 424 pgs hrd cvr. price $3.00

Guide To Investing In Private Companies by Arthur Lipper III, soft cover book, 269 pgs. price $6.00

Unlimited Power-The way to Peak Personal Achievement by Anthony Robbins. 6 cassette tapes, price $10.00 

Small Claims court- A Citizens Legal Manual by Halt, Inc. 8 1/2 x 11, 53 pgs. price $10.00

World Buyers Buide To Unusual & Innovative Products by Ismeth Bmir, price $8.00

A Businesses person's Guide to Federal Warranty Law- A federal Trade Commission manual for business, price $2.00

Basic Facts about Trademarks by US Dept of Commerce, price $2.00

Doing Business with the Federal Government by US General Services Administration, price $1.00

State Sales Tax Guide For Mail Order Dealers- covers 50 states by Neil H. Tasker, price $1.00

Mail order Income tax & Bookkeeping System by Neil H. Tasker, price $3.00

The Book Of Inside Information on- Money, Health, Success, Retirement, Investments, Taxes, Fitness, Car, Travel, Education, Marriage, Home, collecting, shopping, by the editors & experts of Bottom Line, large hrd. text book. Price $10.00

How To Keep From Being Robbed, Raped & Ripped Off, a personal crime prevention manual for you & your loved ones, by Richard A. Finke, soft cvr. price $7.00

Customizing your Van by Allan Girdler, 2nd ed. soft cvr. price $7.00

Charles & Diana by Ralph G. Marlin, large hrd cvr. price $7.00

The Ideal Life: 50 & Over by Gordon Elliott, soft cvr. price $7.00

Hints 'N' Helps Household Dictionary-A complete guide to saving money on house repairs & maintenance by PSI & Associates, price $7.00 soft cvr.

What To Name the Cat by Thelma Kandel, soft cvr. price $5.00

Conversation Made Easy by Elliot Russell, soft cvr. price $8.00

How To Develop A Winning Personality by Martin Panzer, soft cvr. price $8.00

Looking For Gold- A modern prospectors guide by Bradford Angles, soft cvr. price $7.00

Living Alone & Liking it-A Complete Guide to living on your own by Lynn Shahan, price $7.00

The Act Of Will by Roberto Assagioli, MD, soft cvr. price $7.00

How To Live Creatively by Dorothy Evelyn Stanley, price $7.00

Having Fun Being Yourself-A book to help you get to know & to like you! by Dr. Jim Keelan, price $7.00

The Gifts Of Silence by Daniel B. & M Jenelyn Wesser, soft cvr. price $7.00

How To Talk Your Way Out of A Traffic Ticket by David W. Kelley soft cvr. price $7.00

How To Profit During The coming Bad Years-A Crash course in personal & financial survival, hrd cvr. by Howard J. Ruff, price $6.00

Diamonds-Learning all about Diamonds from mining to manufacture, 2nd ed. hrd cvr. by Eric Braton FGA, price $10.00

Search-The most comprehensive book ever published on finding hidden Treasure in homes & yards by James R. Warnke, soft cvr. price $7.00

More Profit Less Risk-An Investment Guide to the 80's by Charles A. Cerami, soft cvr. price $1.00

Made In Europe Magazine-Your monthly Import Guide & Continuous trade Fair in print. General merchandise direct manufacturers offers, back issue 9/88, price $1.00

When Your Bank Fails-An In-depth analysis & survival workbook by Dr. Jack Wheeler, 243 pg. hrd cvr. price $5.00

How to Save 50 % or more on your Income Tax legally by B. Ray Anderson, 369 pgs. hrd cvr. price $7.00

Tax Free-All the legal ways to be exempt from Federal, State, & Social Security taxes by Mark Skousen, 181 pgs. hrd cvr. price $10.00

The Winning Performance-How America's high-growth midsize companies succeed by Donald K. Clifford & Richard Cavanauh, hrd cvr. 279 pgs. price $10.00

Guide to Finding Money To Invest-Building a lifetime Savings program with your hidden cash resources by William E. Donoghue, 248 pgs. hrd cvr. price $7.00

How To Start Making Money In a business of Your Own by Russ Von Hoelscher, hrd cvr. 414 pgs. price $10.00

Making Money Winning the Battle for Middle Class Financial Success by Howard Ruff, 28 pg. hrd cvr. price $5.00

How To Achieve Total Success by Russ Von Hoelscher, 442 pg. hrd cvr. price $10.00

Investment Opportunities For the Mid 1980's by George F. Sterne & Russ Hoelscher, hrd. cvr. 304 pg. price $6.00

The Dynamics of Personal Financial Planning- How to make, save, manage & multiply money by George F. Sterne & Russ Von Hoelscher, 413 pg, hrd cvr price $10.00

Where To Put Your Money in 1985- the guide for the small investor that tell you where to get the highest rates, find the best investments, & pay the lowest taxes by Peter Passell, soft cvr. 82 pgs. price $1.00

Representing Yourself What you Can Do with out a Lawyer by Ralph Nader, soft cvr. 241 pgs. price $10.00

Race Horse Handicapping by Harry Lee, soft cvr. 160 pgs. price $10.00

How To Write & Sell Your Personal Experiences- Turn everything that happens to you into writing that sells by Lois Duncan, soft cvr. 230 pgs. price $20.00

How To Avoid Getting Mugged by Mr. Badwrench,( how to avoid car repair rip-offs) soft cvr. 210 pgs. price $7.00

How To protect your home from burglary & fire by Louis Hobson, soft cvr price $7.00

The Insiders guide to buying Low & selling high- Contrary Investing by Richard E. Band, hrd cvr. 185 pg. price $7.00

The Alpha Strategy-The ultimate plan of Financial self-defense by John A. Pugsley, 219 pg. hrd cvr. price $7.00

The Art of Learning to Love Yourself by Cecil G. Osborne, 150 pgs hrd cvr. price $8.00

The Great Panic 81-84 by Mikkel Dahl, hrd cvr, 149 pgs. price $1.00

De-Managing America the final Revolution by Richard Cornuelle, 147 pgs. hrd cvr. price $5.00

How To Become Financially successful by owning your own business- A step-by- step guide to Independence & Profits by Albert J. Lowry, hrd cvr. 387 pgs. price $10.00

Secrets of the Millionaires - How ordinary people became wealthy & how you can too! by George F. Sterne, hrd cvr. 253 pgs. price $10.00

The Great Depression of 1990- why it’s got to happen-how to protect yourself by Dr. Ravi Batra, hrd. cvr. 215 pg. price $1.00

The Complete Book of Moneymaking Opportunities by J. F. Straw, 215 pgs. hrd cvr. price $7.00

122 minutes a Month to Greater Profits by Harvey A. Goldstein, soft cvr. 170 pg. price $10.00

The Start-up Entrepreneur How you can succeed in building your own company into a major enterprise starting from scratch by James R. Cook, 295 pgs hard cvr. price $10.00

The New Way to Get Rich Making millions in Telecommunications-how to invest your money, mind, & expertise in this exploding industry by Morton I. Hamburg, hrd cvr. price $7.00

63 Ways To Cut Your Taxes- An Action Checklist by Hume. soft cvr. price $5.00

Audit-Block Guide, How to Lawfully Refuse an IRS Audit by Tax Facts Publishing Company, 48 page Report, price $5.00

Understanding Buying & Selling a House by Phyllis C. Kaufman & Arnold Corrigan, price $5.00

Your Hidden Fortune in Social Security by T.J. Holt & Company, Inc. price $3.00

Investment Frauds, Rip-Offs & Cons: Secrets of the Trade by Richard Mayberry, soft cvr. price $6.00

Your Fortune In....Franchising including A directory of Franchised Business by International publications, price $3.00

The Franchise Handbook-Companies Offering Franchises, Hot Businesses for 1987, Paperback 8 1/2 X 11, price $2.00

Franchise Yearbook- Guide to Hottest Franchise Opportunities in 1987 by Entrepreneur magazine, paperback 8 1/2 X 11, price $2.00

The Small Businessman's Guide to Design-It-Yourself Advertising by S-H-Ulliman, soft cvr. price $15.00

 J.K. Lasser's 1986 Taxes Made Easy, 8 1/2 X 11, soft cvr. price $2.00

The Feminine Fix-It Auto Handbook-How to get on intimate terms with your car by Kay B. Ward, soft cvr. price $8.00

Discipline Without Tears-What to do with children who Misbehave by Rudolf Dreikurs & Pearl Cassel, soft cvr. Price $8.00

The Gifts of Silence by Daniel B. & M. Jenelyn Wessler, soft cvr. price $5.00


  How To Start Your Own Highly Profitable Resume Writing Service, 8 pg. special report  by Owen Bates, price $3.00

Secrets Of Success With Chain Letters by Leo B. Minton, 2 pg report, price $1.00

Legal Chain Letter, 5 pg. Special Report, price $3.00

How To Make Big Money Fast, Renting Mailing Lists, 2 pg. report by Leo Minton, price $1.00

How To Parlay Any Multi-Level Program Into A Million Dollars Or More! 7pg. report by Leo B. Minton, Price $3.00

The Inside Secrets Of Free Publicity For Your Business, 5 pg. special report by Leo Minton, price $3.00

How To Start & Operate A Successful Co-Op Mailing Service, 3- pg report by Leo Minton, price $2.00

Success As A Circular Mailer by Jane E. Leigh, 7 pg. report, price $3.00

The Secrets Of Making Money With Folios by Leo B. Minton, 2-pg report, price $1.00

How To Write A Folio, published by Premier Publishers, Inc., 8-pg. report, price $3.00

How To Achieve Success With Your Own Money-Making Newsletter by Owen Bates, 8-pg report, price $3.00

Legalities & Tax Advantages In A Home Business by Owen Bates, 4-pg report, price $2.00

Money-Maker's Secrets To Renting Profitable Mailing Lists by Owen Bates, 5-pg report, price $3.00

Camera Profits Using Your Camera For Extra Money by Owen Bates,4-pg report, price $2.00

Quick Print Shop, 6 pg. special report, price $3.00

How To Make Your Fortune With Self-Improvement Seminars, 5 pg. report by Leo Minton, price $2.00

How To Start Your Own Home-Based Secretarial Service, 9 pg. report by Leo Minton, price $3.00

Party Plan Sales (A Veritable Gold Mine For Wealth Builders) 6 pg. report by Owen Bates, price $3.00

How To Make $5,000 A Month Or More With Garage Sales, 7 pg. report by Owen Bates, price $3.00

The Easiest, Most Profitable Mail Order Business Of Them All by Leo B. Minton, a 4- page report, price $2.00

How To Find Authoritative Background On Any Subject by Owen Bates, a 3-pg. report, price $2.00

Big Mails: An Easy Start To Mail Order, by Leo Minton, a 4-pg report, price $2.00

How To Start A Big Mail Service, an 8-pg. report, price $3.00

How To Succeed With Your Own Money-Making Ad Sheet by Leo Minton, 2-pg. report, price $1.00

How To Make It Big With A Used Book Store, by Leo B. Minton, a 9-pg. report, price $3.00

Super Profitable New Techniques For Selling Books By Mail by Leo Minton, 2-pg. report. $1.00

How To Start Your Own Million Dollar Temporary Help Service by Owen Bates, 9-pg. report, price $3.00

How To Make Big Profits In Mail Order Starting From Scratch by Leo Minton, 5-pg. report, price $2.00

How To Get Big Dollars In Your Mailbox Every Day! by Owen Bates, 3 pg. report, price $2.00

The Selling Secrets Of Million Dollar Sales Letters by Leo Minton, 2-pg. report, price $1.00

How To Start A Pen Pal Club by Leo Minton, 3-pg report, price $2.00

Money-Makers' Guide To Easy Mail Order Riches, by Leo Minton, 3-pg. report, price $2.00

Secrets Of Getting Free Advertising, by Owen Bates, 2-pg report, price $1.00

How To Get Free Radio Advertising by Owen Bates, 4-pg report, price $2.00

How To Start A Dating and Escort Service by Owen Bates, 4-pg report, price $2.00

How To Start Your Own Auto Tune-Up Shop, by Owen Bates, 6-pg. report, price $2.00

Survival Tips For Small Businesses by Owen Bates, 4-pg report, price $2.00

How To Start A Money Brokerage Business by Premier Publishers, Inc., 2-pg report, price $1.00

How & Where To Advertise by Leo B. Minton, 7-pg report, price $3.00

Secrets To Successfully Starting Your Own Business by Premier Publishers, Inc., 8-pg report, price $3.00

How To Start A Roommate Finding Service, by Owen Bates, 2-pg report, price $1.00

How To Start & Operate Your Own Firewood Supply Business by Owen Bates, 6-pg report, price $3.00

How To Start Your Own Highly Profitable Shopping Center Papers, by Leo Minton, 9-pg report, price $3.00

How To Start Your Own Mobile Locksmithing Service by Owen Bates, 9-pg report, price $3.00

How To Start Your Own Successful Window Washing Service, by Leo Minton, 9-pg report, price $3.00

How To Start And Operate Your Own Video Taping Service, by Leo Minton, 9-pg report, price $3.00

How To Recruit Dealer/Distributors To Sell For You by Leo Minton, 3-pg report, price $2.00

How To Start Your Own Bulletin Board Advertising Service by Owen Bates, 2-pg report, price $1.00

How To Start Your Own Day Care Center by Owen Bates, 8-pg report, price $3.00

Garage Sale Promoting: For Quick, Easy Money! by Owen Bates, 4-pg report, price $2.00

How To Make Big Dollars With Bumper Stickers by Owen Bates, 3-pg report, price $2.00

How To Make Big Money With Your Own...Business Financing Service!!! by Leo Minton, 21-pg report, price $3.00

How To Start Your Own Successful Business Consulting Service by Owen Bates, 6-pg report, price $3.00

How To Start And Operate Your Own Bartering Club by Owen Bates, 5-pg report, price $2.00

How To Start Your Own Paper Recycling Business by Owen Bates, 6-pg report, price $3.00

How To Start A Telephone Answering Service, by Leo Minton, 9-pg report, price $3.00

How To Start & Successfully Operate A Correspondence Club, 2-pg report, price $1.00

How To Start Your Own Credit And Debt Counseling Service by Owen Bates, 7-pg report, price $3.00

A Checklist Of Questions To Answer Before You Buy A Franchise, by Owen Bates, 2-pg report, price $1.00

A Beginner's Opportunity Guide by Leo Minton, 4-pg report, price $2.00

How To Reorganize Your Time To Accommodate A Home-Based Business by Owen Bates, 2-pg report, price $1.00

How To Start Your Own Carpet Cleaning Business by Owen Bates, 6-pg report, price $2.00

How To Start A Profitable Home-Based Business by Owen Bates, 2-pg report, price $1.00

How To Set Up A Tax-Saving Bookkeeping System by Leo Minton, 2-pg report, price $1.00

The Lazy Person's Secrets To Overnight Wealth by Owen Bates, 2-pg report, price $1.00

How To Make Big Money With Your Own Newspaper Clipping Service, by Owen Bates, 2-pg report, price $1.00

How To Set Up And Operate Your Own Videotape Rental Store by Owen Bates, 8-pg report, price $3.00

How And Where To Get Money For A Franchise Idea, by Owen Bates, 6-pg report, price $3.00

Paper Recycling An Easy Source Of Extra Income For Anyone by Owen Bates, 4-pg report, price $2.00

Bed And Breakfast The Easiest Home-Based Business by Owen Bates, 2-pg report, price $1.00

Personal Sports Scorecards from Premier Publishers, 3-pg report, price $2.00

How To Start Your Own House And Apartment Cleaning Service by Owen Bates, 6-pg report, price $3.00

How To Raise Money For Starting A Business by Owen Bates, 3-pg report, $2.00

How To Achieve Excellence In Sales by Owen Bates, 4-pg report, price $2.00

The Do's And Don't's Of Profitable Mail Order Ads by Owen Bates, 2-pg report, price $1.00

How To Write Order-Pulling Ads by Leo Minton, Editor, Money Making Magic!, 12-pg report, price $3.00

Big Dollars! How To Get Them From Your Mail Order Ad Sheets by Leo Minton, 7-pg report, price $3.00

Insiders' Secrets To Your Own Million Dollar Multi-Level Empire by Mail And Leo Minton- Editor/Publisher of Money-Maker's Opportunity Digest, 7-pg report, price $3.00

How To Write Money-Making "How-To" Reports by Owen Bates, 5-pg report, price $3.00

How To Write Profitable Classified Ads by Leo Minton, 3-pg report, price $2.00

How To Prepare A business Plan That Guarantees Big Profits... by Leo Minton, 9-pg report, price $3.00

Flea Market Extravaganza, 9-pg report, price $3.00

Contractors Packet- How To Do Business Without Employees, by Tax Facts Publishing Company, 16 pg report, price $10.00 

 Craft Books:

Hooked Rugs-How To Make Your Own-A Historical & Collectors Guide by William C. Ketchum, Jr., Hard cvr. price $10.00

Rugs-Designs, Patterns, Projects by Mary Elizabeth Johnson, hrd cvr. price $10.00

Coordinated Crafts For The Home-More Than 80 complete patterns for rugs, Afghans, Pillows, Wall hangings, & place mats in coordinating designs adaptable to several crafts, by Pauline Chatterton, hrd cvr. price $10.00

Handcrafts co-op-All you need to know to start your own business by AEA (American Entrepreneur Assoc.) Special Business start-up manual #118, price $10.00

How To Earn More Money From Your Crafts by Merle E. Dowd, marketing, publicity, advertising, wholesale, retail, consignment selling, teaching, etc. 200 pgs. hrd cvr. price $8.00

Religions Books:

Jesus Of Nazareth by William Barclay-based on the film directed by Franco Zeffirelli from the script, by Anthony Burgess, Suso Cecchi D'amico and Franco Zeffirelli, hrd. cvr. price $5.00

Gardening & Farming Books:

Raising Milk Goats the Modern Way by Jerry Belanger, 148 pgs. price $8.00

Taylors Pocket guide To Bulbs for Spring, 126 pgs. price $6.00

Beautiful Gardens & How You Can Have Them by Organic Methods, 94 pgs. price $7.00

The Urban/Suburban Composter-The Complete Guide To Backyard, Balcony, & Apartment Composting by Mark Cullen & Lorraine Johnson, 168 pgs. $8.00

Growing Plants From Seed- a comprehensive beginners handbook for vegetables, flowers, herbs & more by Doc & Katy Abraham, 201 pgs. price $12.00

How To Plant Prune Spray with comar by Lakeland Nurseries, 29 pgs $2.00

Pet Library's Parakeet Guide by Cyril Rogers, 250 pgs hrd cvr. price $2.00

Companion Plants & How To Use them by Helen Philbrick & Richard Gregg, price $2.00

The Gardener's Reference Guide by Swift & Co. Hard cvr. 120 pgs. price $8.00

Herbal Handbook for Farm & Stable by Juliette De Bairacli Levy, price $8.00

The Gardener's Weed Book -Earth Safe controls-Identify more than 70 common Garden Weeds-Learn

Time Saving Tips for Weed Managements by Barbara Pleasant, 192 pgs. price $9.00

Chickens in Your Backyard-A Beginners Guide by Rick & Gail Luttmann, 151 pgs. soft cvr. price $8.00

Growing Berries & Grapes at Home, with 65 illustrations by J. Harold Clarke, 363 pgs. price $10.00

The Art Of Flower Arranging/ Illustrated, by Zibby Tozer, 96 pgs soft cvr. price $10.00

Organic Gardening without poisons by Hamilton Tyler, 106 pgs hrd cvr. price $10.00

The Impatient Gardener-How To Grow Green Grass, Gorgeous Flowers, Great Vegetables without a green thumb by Jerry Baker, 213 pgs soft cvr. price $12.00

Backyard Fruits & Berries-Everything you need to know about planting & Growing Fruits & Berries in your own Backyard by Miranda Smith, hrd cvr. price $12.00

Ponds For Water Supply & Recreation/ Agriculture Handbook No 887, price $7.00

Gardening Indoors Under Lights- A Complete Guide by Frederick H. & Jacqueline L. Kranz, hrd. cvr. 229 pgs. price $12.00

The Plant doctor-Growing & Healing Indoor Plants by Richard Nicholls, soft cvr. 104 pgs. $8.00

Simon & Schuster's Step-By-Step Encyclopedia of Practical Gardening-Growing Under Glass- Choosing & Equipping a greenhouse-Growing plants Successfully all year round, 96 pgs. $10.00

Earth Ponds-The Country Pond Maker's Guide by Tim Matson, 111 pgs soft cvr. $10.00

How To Build & Use Greenhouses by Ortho Books, 95 pgs. soft cvr. price $10.00

Landscaping & Garden Remodeling-Colorful Design Ideas, plant charts by Lane Publishing Co. 80 pgs soft cvr. $10.00

The Cousteau Almanac-An Inventory Of Life On Our Water Planet, by Jacques-Yves Cousteau, 786 pgs soft cvr. price $15.00

The Golden Book Of Gardening-How To Grow More Than 2,500 Top-Rated plants by Golden press, 310 pgs soft cvr. picture illus. price $15.00

Practical Guide To Home Landscaping-How To Improve Your Lawn & Garden/ Includes hundreds of ways to increase the beauty & value of your home. by Readers Digest, hrd cvr. 461 pgs. $20.00

Ortho's Complete Guide To Successful Gardening, 499 pgs. hrd cvr. price $20.00

Rodale's Successful Organic Gardening- Low Maintenance Landscaping, 155 pgs. hrd cvr. price $25.00

Solar Gardening-Growing Vegetables year round the American Intensive Way by Leandre Poissone & Gretchen Vogel Poisson, 256 pgs. soft cvr. $20.00

Lasagna Gardening- A new Layering System For Bountiful Gardens: No Digging, No Tilling, No Weeding, No Kidding! 234 pgs. Hrd cvr. price $25.00

Perennial All Stars-The 150 Best Perennial for Great-Looking Trouble-Free Gardens by Jeff Cox, 324 pgs hard cover. $25.00

Practical Beekeeping by Enoch Tompkins & Roger M. Griffith, soft cvr. price $12.00

Repair, Maintain & Store Lawnmowers & Garden Equipment by Creative Homeowner Press, soft cvr. price $8.00

Books on Education:

Mathematics for Business by Stanley a. Salzman, hard cvr. 715 pgs. price $7.00

Refresher Mathematics by Stein, hard cvr. 581 pgs. price $7.00

Principles & Types Of Speech Communications, 8th ed. by Douglas Ehninger, hard cvr. 476 pgs. price $10.00

Shortened CPA Law Review, 4th ed. by Thompson & Brady, hard cvr. 463 pgs. price $8.00

Accounting Principles 12th ed. by Niswonger/Fess, hard cvr. 793 pgs. price $10.00

Freedom & Crisis-An American History vol 1-1877, soft cvr. 483 pgs. by Allen Weinstein, 3rd ed. Price $7.00

The Humanities by Louise Dudley, 6th ed. hard cvr. 475 pgs. price $10.00

The Story Of our Heritage by Oscar O. Winther, hard cvr. 770 pgs. $10.00

A Contemporary Rhetoric by Maxine Hairston, 2nd ed. hard cvr. 425 pgs. price $10.00

Management Concepts & Practices by R. Wayne Mondy, hard cvr. 615 pgs. price $10.00

Introduction To Business: A Contemporary View by John A. Reinecke, 656 pgs. hard cvr. price $10.00

Introduction to Psychology, 7th ed. by Ernest R. Hilgard, hard cvr. 587 pgs. price $10.00 (workbook included)

Astronomy-The Cosmic Journey by William G. Hartmann, hard cvr. 490 pgs. price $10.00

Understanding Human Behavior, 3rd ed. by James V. McConnell, hard cvr. 787 pgs. Price $10.00

You & The Law-A practical Guide to Everyday Law & How It Affects You & Your Family by Readers Digest, hard cvr. 740 pgs. price $20.00

Compton's Illustrated Science Dictionary, hard cvr. price $20.00

Elementary Mathematics-A modern approach by Wilson Jack, D, hard cvr. 382 pgs. price $10.00

Elements Of Data Processing mathematics by Wilson T. Price, hard cvr. 478 pgs. price $10.00

Study Guide for Baumol & Blinders Economics Principles & Policy, 4th ed. by Craig Swan, 293 pgs. soft cvr. price $7.00

Making Mathematics Plain by Rose & Ruth Weber, soft cvr. 219 pgs. price $10.00

Mathematics Ideas & Applications by Daniel D. Bernice, price $7.00 

Making Arithmetic Plain, Grade 7, by McCormie-Mathers, soft cvr. price $7.00

Moving Ahead In Arithmetic, bk. 3 (teachers ed. ) by John Reckzeh, hard cvr. 387 pgs. price $9.00

Gregg Shorthand by John Robert Gregg, 2nd Ed. 264 pgs. price $10.00

Growing up with Numbers, grade 2, by McCormic-Mahers, soft cvr. 128 pgs. price $7.00

English In Practice, grade 7, by Albert Gray, soft cvr. 214 pgs. price $7.00

I learn to write, bk. 3, by E.C. Seale & Co. (teachers ed.) soft cvr. 63 pgs. price $7.00

Beginning Algebra 2nd ed. for college students by Lloyd L. Lowenstein ph.D 254 pgs. hard cvr. price $10.00

Sentences, Properties, Probability, by Ginn Enrichment prog., 64 pgs, soft cvr. price $7.00

Business Letter Writing Made Simple- A Comprehensive Guide for Self-Study & Review Course by Irving Rosenthal, price $7.00

Superwrite Alphabetic Writing System by Lemaster & Hankin, hard cvr. large text bk. price $10.00

Starting Points-A guide to Basic Writing Skills, soft cvr by Richard Swart, price $10.00

Environmental Science- A Global Concern by Cunningham & Saigo, soft cvr. price $10.00

Art In The World, 4th ed. by Stella Pandell Russell, large text book, soft cvr. Price $10.00

Biology Concepts & Connections, 2nd ed. by Campbell & Mitchell & Reece, large text book, hrd cvr. price $25.00

A Mastery Approach To Word Perfect Version 5.1 by Nita Hewitt Rutkosky, large text bk, soft cvr. price $10.00

Using PFS: First Choice by Drum & Jansen, soft cvr. price $9.00

Taking Sides Clashing Views on Controversial Environmental Issues 6th ed. by Theodore D. Goldfarb, large text book, price $10.00

Records Management 5th ed. by Kallaus & Johnson, text book, hard cvr. price $10.00

Contemporary Mathematics For All Practical Purposes by WH Freeman & Co. 4th ed., large text book, price $10.00

Elementary Algebra for College Students, 2nd ed. by Jerome E. Kaufrman, text book, hrd cvr. price $10.00

Fundamentals of General Accounting by Federated Tax Services, soft cvr. Price $10.00

Structured Data Processing Design & Logic by Harry H. Ort, soft cvr. Price $8.00

Telecourse Study Guide To the Business File 4th ed. by Raymond F. Attner, soft cvr. text book, price $7.00

Prentice Hall Reader 2nd ed. by George Miller, soft cvr. text book. price $7.00

Basic Mathematical Skills - A Guided Approach by Robert A. Caiman 2nd ed. large text book, price $10.00

Business & the Law by PWS-Kent Publishing, large text book, price $10.00

Spelling-Basics In English by Lee C. Deighton, hard cvr. text book, price $12.00

Telecourse study Guide for Economics by Edwin Mansfield, 2nd ed. soft cvr, text book, price $7.00

Sociology by John J. Macionis 2nd ed. large text, hard cvr. price $10.00

American Red Cross Standard 1st Aid, soft cvr. large text book, price $10.00

Accounting Workbooks ch's 1-14 & 13-27, price $10.00 for both workbooks

Small Business Management by Ralph m. Gaedeke 2nd ed., hard cvr. large text bk, price $10.00

Contemporary Economies, 7th ed. by Milton H. Spencer, Wayne State University. hard cvr. Price $10.00

Cost Accounting A Managerial Emphasis. 5tj ed. by Charles T. Horngren, price $10.00

Principles Of Financial Management by Seymour Friedland, price $10.00

Science & Technology changes we make by Paul F. Brandwein, price $10.00

Accounting Principles, 3rd ed. by Jack L. Smith, price $10.00

Economics USA 2nd ed. by Edwin Mansfield, price $10.00

Office Information Systems Concepts & Applications by Sharon Lund O'Neil, 3rd Ed. Price $7.00

Books On Obtaining A Job:

Resumes for Hard Times-How To Make Yourself A hot property in a cold market by Bob Weinstein, 127 pgs soft cvr $7.00

Resume Writing Made Easy- A Practical guide for job seekers by Lola m. Coxford, soft cvr. 124 pgs. 8 1/2 x 11, price $7.00

 How & Where To get Good Paying Career Oriented College Jobs by Edward Rosenwasser, soft cvr. 48 pgs. price $8.00

Where The Jobs are- Job Opportunities listed by territory & career by John W. Wright, 374 pgs. price $10.00

Jobs '94' from 1st time job hunters to career changers, from entry-level to executive positions. More than 40 million jobs by Kathryn & Ross Petras, 683 pgs. price $9.00

Find A Federal Job Fast-How to cut the red tape & get hired by Ronald L. Krannich & Caryl Rae Krannich, Ph.D, 196 pgs. $7.00

How To Get A Job With the U.S. Government by J.F. Jones, 35 pgs. soft cvr. price $8.00

How to Get A United States Postal Service Job- The Complete Guide to U.S. Postal Service Careers, where they are, & how to apply for them by Robert Hancock. 8 1/2 x 11, 226 pgs. price $10.00

How To score 95-100% on all five US postal Exams Guaranteed! The complete Guide To Scoring High & Getting Hired by the Us postal service by Neal Bertrand, soft cvr, price $7.00

100 Best Careers for the year 2000-The fastest growing career areas for the next decade, and how you can prepare for them now! by Shelly Field. 302 pgs. price $10.00

How to get a Job with the US Government by J.F. Jones, 42 pgs. $8.00

Get A Good Job In 30 Days by Paul Plawine & Hal Gieseking. (comes with one cassette tape) $12.00

How To Find A Job In Tough Times by Omega Publications. soft cvr 21 pgs. price $10.00

The Work At Home Sourcebook- Over 1,000 job opportunities plus Home Business Opportunities by Lynie Arden. soft cvr 254 pgs. comes with two cassette tapes. $10.00

The Fast Track To the Top Jobs In Computer Careers by Peter Muller, soft cover, price $9.00

The 100 Best Companies To Work For In America by Robert Levering, Milton Moskowitz, and Michael Katz, soft cover, price $10.00

Secrets Of The Hidden Job Market by Bob Rogers, Steve Johnson, Bill Alexander, soft cvr. price $9.00

Careers Without College-No B.S. Necessary by Jo Ann Russo, soft cvr. price $10.00

 How To Steal A Job by Financial Management Associates, topics: Finding where the jobs are, Gaining insight into the inside, creating credentials, the red hot resume, etc. price$10.00

Woman's work at-Home Handbook-Income & Independence with a Computer-The Complete cuide to creating a flexible, well-paid & satisfying at Home Career by Patricia McConnel, soft cover, price $10.00

Tomorrow's Jobs: Overview, Reprinted from the Occupational Outlook handbook, 1988-89 ed. US Dept of Labor, price $2.00

 Matching Yourself with the World of Work, 1986 ed. Reprinted from Occupational Outlook Quarterly, price $2.00

 Resumes, Application Forms, Cover Letters, & Interviews by Neale Baxter, price $6.00

Jobs of The Future, The 500 Best Jobs, where they are & how to get them by MarvinJ. Cetron, hrd cvr. price $12.00

Moonlighting-A complete Guide to over 200 exciting part-time Jobs by Peter Davidson, soft cvr 254 pgs. price $12.00

Books & Tapes on Real Estate Investment:

How you can Grow Rich Through Rural Land Starting From Scratch by Bradley K. Haynes. hard cvr. 365 pgs. 8 1/2 X 11, price  $20.00

Anthology Commercial Investment Real Estate Journal- Marketing Commercial Investment Properties by Commercial Investment Real Estate Council. soft cvr 48 pgs. price $2.00

How To Build A Fortune in 1988 in Real Estate by Richard C. Powelson, Ph.D, hrd cvr. 152 pgs. price $5.00

Home Ownership Bargain From The Government by Ken Otterman. soft cvr 96 pgs. 8 1/2 X 11, price $10.00

How Anyone Can Prosper & Get Wealthy Trading Country Land by Frank E. Moss, Ph.D, soft cvr. 116 pgs. 8 1/2 X 11, price $15.00

Positive Cash Flow Through Real Estate by Ken Otterman. 133 pgs price $10.00

Making A Fortune with Real Estate-Buy Below Wholesale with no money down, by Informat Publications Co. soft cvr. 40 pgs. price $5.00

Ways To Make Money In A Sluggish Real Estate Market- A special Report by AMC, soft cvr 5 pgs. price $3.00

How To Grow A Moneytree- Earn 20-30 percent & More by Investing in Safe, High yield Second Mortgages & Trust Deeds, by Dave Glubetich, soft cover 137 pgs. $10.00

Get Rich with Tax Sale Properties, soft covr 45 pgs. price $10.00

License To Steal- Secrets Of Acquiring Distressed Property by Cliff R. Leonard, soft cvr. 248 pgs. price $20.00

How To Buy Used & Bruised Houses for Fast Profits by Thomas J. Lucier, soft cvr. 147 pgs. price $20.00

Creating Cash Flow Now- Buy Real Estate-Autos-Jewelry-Business Equipment-Computers-Furniture-& almost anything you want...Wholesale at Government Auctions, by Dave Del Dotto, soft cvr. 97 pgs. price $10.00

How To Buy & Sell Properties In A Down Market-11 Sure-Fire Strategies by Douglas E. Gilliss, Impact Report #84, soft cvr. 13 pgs. price 2.50

Bonds-The Ultimate Real Estate Tool by Richard C. Powelson, 4- cassette tapes, price $8.00

Make Big Money In Real Estate-Huge Profits part-time or Full-time, by RERS, price $3.00

Successful Real Estate Investing- A Practical Guide To Profits After Tax Reform For the Small Investor. by Peter G. Miller. 263 pg. hrd. cvr. price $5.00

How I Turned $1,000 into 5 million in Real Estate- The Original Success Story by William Hickerson. 565 pgs. hrd. cvr. price $20.00

There's a Better Way To More Real Estate Loan Dollars less Loan Hassle The Iws Real-Estate Loan Getters Service by Tyler G. Hicks, soft cvr. price $3.00

No Down Payment-How to buy your 1st home or investment property with no down-payment. A step-by-step manual & cassette tape library by Carleton H. Sheets, also comes with 21 chapter workbook, VHS tape, & more. New!  Recently advertised on TV. Price $75.00

Treasure Hunting Probate Real Estate-How to play the game & win by J.G. Banks, 6 cassette tapes and two workbooks, price $25.00

The Foreclosure program- how to become a foreclose consultant by courthouse & newspaper Research, small report, price $3.00

How To Stop Foreclosure by Hal Morris. 185 pgs hrd cvr. $12.00

Finding & Fixing Old Houses for fun & fortune. by B.E. & E.F. Harris soft cvr. 117 pgs. price $9.00

Yes You Can When You Know How. Remarkable but true stories of once down-and-out people who are now real estate tycoons. soft cvr. 60 pgs by Impact Publishing, price $5.00

The How to Book on Buying Paper for Cash Flow-Invest In Debt by Jim Napier, 197 pgs. soft cvr. price $10.00

The Insider's Guide To Greater Wealth & Bargains by K. Barton Henrie, soft cvr. topics: IRS Seized Properties spell opportunity, Goldmine post office auctions, Bankruptcy Bonanza, etc. price $10.00

Cut Your Property Tax by 25% by AMC, A special Report, price $3.00

Real Estate Foreclosures- A primer for Locating & Acquiring Distressed Real Property- An Instruction Manual by Horizon Financial, soft cvr. price $10.00

Fundamentals of Real Estate Apprasial- A text book by William L. Ventold, Jr. Price $25.00

Overnite Profits from Distressed Real Estate- a step-by-step guide on how to buy distressed real estate at Bargain Prices, comes with workbook by Wilcox/Frazier Seminars, Inc. Soft cvr. Price $20.00

New Opportunities in Real Estate- A special report by the Research Institute Of America, price $2.00

The all-scenario Investment Strategy featuring the Moore Mode Method (M3)- A never lose profit technique by James H. Moore, price $2.00

Riches In Real Estate-A Beginners guide to group Investing-A wealth building primer for small Investors to build a few thousand into a Million Dollar Investment by Robert Irwin, hrd cvr. price $10.00

Riches In Real Estate A Beginner's guide to group investing, how to start with almost no money, and begin with a bargain house by Robert Irwin, hrd cvr. 195 pgs. price $10.00

Wealth Builders, Includes: Options for the daring Investor, opportunities in tax sales, profits from gold & silver, buying & selling Real Estate, Ins & Outs of Rare coins by Rober Irwin, 199 pgs, hrd cvr. price $10.00  

Creating Wealth by Robert G. Allen, 296 pgs hrd cvr. price $10.00

Crisis Real Estate Investing by Hal Morris, hrd cvr. 269 pgs, price $9.00

Hidden Fortunes-How to Profit from the New Opportunities of the 80's by Albert Lowry, hrd cvr, 353 pgs. price $9.00

How To Build A Real Estate Money Machine by Wade B. Cook, 222 pg. hrd cvr. price $9.00

Double Your Money In Real Estate Every 2 yrs. by Dave Glubetich, 232 pgs hrd cvr price $10.00

How You can become Financially Independent by Investing In Real Estate by Albert J. Lowry, 339 pgs. soft cvr. price $10.00

Real Estate Wealth Building Opportunities- How to get Rich buying cheap & selling high by Russ Von Hoelscher, price $9.00

Books On Loans/Mortgage/Leasing:

Mail order Loan Success System- Unsecured signature consumer loans by mail-How To make money without money by Tyler G. Hicks, IWS (International Wealth Success) soft cover manual, price $2.00

Mortgage Refinance- Residential First Mortgage Program by Financial planning Associates, price $1.00

How To be A Professional Lease Broker by Columbus National Leasing Corp. manual, price $2.00

The Complete Guide To Operating A High-Profit Financial Brokerage Business by American Financial Services, price $1.00

 Directory of 2,500 Real Estate Lenders by International Wealth Success, 8 1/2 x 11, 197 pgs. price $1.00.

 Selected Directory of Federal Credit Unions making Signature Loans by IWS 

Finding Money A Businessman's Guide To Sources Of Financing by James G. Hellmuth, Large text book, hard cvr. price $10.00

Slash Your Mortgage Costs- and save over $100,000 by Mike Oliver, soft cvr. price $8.00

Financing Sources a special report 1988 ed. by Business Opportunities Digest, price $2.00

Books On Advertising & Postage:

Million Dollar Sales Letters! For Your Own Use & Profit, price $6.00

$50,000 A Year From Mail Order Ads-How To Write your own mail order ads successfully...profitably! by Lee Howard, soft cvr. price $12.00

Over $30,000 Worth Of Classified Ad Results by Ron Playle, soft cvr. Price $10.00

How To compile maintain and sell name lists, price $5.00

How To Write Successful Classified Ads by American Entrepreneur Association, 8 1/2 x 11, 21 pgs. price $5.00

Postage Saving Guide by Neil H. Jasker  soft cvr. price $3.00

Free Advertising for Mail Order Dealers-How To get yours! by Lee Howard. soft cvr. 62 pgs price $12.00

National Rate & Data Manual For Mail Order Advertisers by Alfred Stern. soft cvr. 79 pgs. price $5.00

Mail Order Dealer's Advertising Rate Manual by Alfred Stern. soft cvr 48 pgs. price $5.00

How To Write A Good Advertisement-A short course in Copywriting by Victor d. Schwab. soft cvr. 224 pgs. price $10.00  

How To Start Your Own Profitable Advertising Agency, by Al Stern, price $10.00

Insiders Professional Mail order Clip-Art Handbook-The most complete clip-art manual on the market today! by Premier Publishers, soft cvr. $15.00

Complete Guide To Paste Up-Ideas Plus...A Total System to prepare Camera Ready copy for reproduction by Walter B. Graham, soft cvr. price $10.00

Books On Stock & Mutual Fund Investment:

The Stock Market Innovators Survey by Gregory Somerville, topics cvrd. You can be a winner, stock selection, common sense investing, etc.  8 1/2 x 11, 57 pgs. price $2.00

Successful Mutual Find Investing by Jay Schabacker, price $1.00

Mutual Fund Directory by Jay Schabacker, price $1.00

Consumer Guide to Best Rated Mutual Funds How To Invest In the Best & Most profitable Mutual Funds by Lynn Orr Miller, Price $2.00

 How To Profit Big with Mutual Find Gold Funds and Mining Stocks by Dr. James H. Moore, Price $1.00

Fortune Investment Information Directory, stocks, bonds, funds & options by David A. Dushkin, price $1.00

Stock Stars for 1986-87 by Euler Enterprises, price free!

Dun & BradStreet's Guide to your Investments 1985 by C. Colburn Hardy soft cvr 222 pgs  price .50

Kiplinger's Changing Times Financial Services Directory-How To Find expert help with your money. soft cvr. 155 pgs.  price $2.00

Consumer Guide- Learn How To Invest Best Rated Real Estate Investments by C. Randall Pivar & William H. Pivar. soft cvr 58 pgs. price $3.00

The Individual Investor's guide to No-Load Mutual Funds, 6th ed. by International publishing co. price $3.00

More Profit Less Risk, An Investment Guide to the 80's by Charles A. Cerami, soft cvr. price $2.00

Inflation Proofing Your Investments - A permanent program that will protect you against inflation & depression by Harry Browne & Terry Coxon, hrd cvr 496 pgs. price $7.00

The Complete Book of Bonds- How to buy & sell profitably by Robert Lawrence Holt, 232 pg. soft cvr. price $12.00

How To Be Your Own Stockbroker-The man who saves millions of dollars for thousands of investors shows you how to become wealthier, by Charles Schwab, hrd cvr. 222 pgs. price $12.00

The Almanac Of Investments by Alan Crittenden, hrd cvr. 487 pgs. price $10.00

Making Dollars Out Of Cents - A guide to Penny Stock Investing by Stuart-James Investment Bankers, soft cvr. price $6.00

Coin Investment:

Glass-top metal coin or jewelry display case, 34” long by 22” wide, great condition, price $25.00

Large Black coin carrying case w/ handle on top, 17” long by 13” wide, front opening to 14 pull-out  sectioned shelves for coins, great condition, price $20.00 (May also be used for jewelry storage/transporting).

Coin Supplies: large collection of plastic coin holders including tube holders & plastic sheet holders. Also several other miscellaneous coin supplies. $25.00 

Successful Investing- How To Profit from Coins & Currency- Collecting for pleasure & profit, a special report, by Hume Publishing Co. $5.00

How To Buy Gold & Silver for half price by Freddy Mac, 75 pgs. soft cvr. price $10.00

Coined Freedom-A special report on Gold, by Dr. Gary North, soft cvr. price $1.00

How You Can Keep On Making Big Profits Investing in Coins by Harry J. Forman, hrd. cvr. price $12.00

Fight Inflation With Silver Dollars by Les & Sue Fox, soft cvr. price $10.00

High Profits from Rare Coin Investment by Q. David Bowers, soft cvr. price $10.00

The Coin Collectors Survival Manual-How to look at coins, understand & use the grading system, detect counterfeits, buy/sell coins with out being ripped off, profit from coin conventions, preserve & protect your coins by Scott A. Travers, soft cvr. price $20.00

Coin World Almanac, 4th ed. soft cvr. by Amos Press, price $8.00

Coin Dealer Directory-A handy easy to use directory of coin dealers & wholesale suppliers serving the Hobby of Numismatics, 8th ed. by Western Publishing co., sml paperback, soft cvr, price $2.00

Coin World Almanac, 5th ed. by the editors of coin world, soft cvr. price $6.00

Silver Dollar Fortune Telling-Facts & Figures for 1987 by Les & Sue Fox, hrd cvr. $7.00

Investors Guide Buying & Selling Gold coins- A simple no-nonsense approach to Financial Security, 2nd ed. by Marc Hudgeons N.L.G, price $10.00

A Guide book of United States Coins, 89th ed, 1986, by R.S. Yeoman hrd cvr. price$6.00

Guide To Detecting Altered & Counterfeit United States Coins & Currency-The Professional Handbook for Money Handlers, 2nd ed. by Mark Hudgeons, soft cvr. price $10.00

Coin Collecting for Beginners by Burton Hobson & Fred Reinfeld, soft cvr. price $7.00

Standard catalog of World Coins-Your Complete one-volume coin Library, 1988 ed. by Chestor L. Krause & Clifford Mishler, soft cvr. price $25.00

How to make money collecting coins, a special report, price $1.00

How To Sell Coins For Profit 10 Different Ways by Ronald Bernbaum, a 30 page booklet, price $10.00

How To Start, Operate, And Enjoy Your Own Mail Order Coin Business, A complete, comprehensive course of instruction and plan for establishing your own business immediately, by International Mail Order Specialists, 51-page booklet, price $10.00

Guide To Becoming A Successful Mail Order Coin Dealer by Ronald Bernbaum, 49-page booklet, price $10.00

How To Appraise Your Own Coin Collection by Ronald Bernbaum, 17-page booklet, price $10.00

How To Become A Rare Coin Dealer by Ronald Bernbaum, 50-page booklet, price $10.00

How To Become A Successful Coin Investor, A New Guide To The Secrets of Making Money With Coins by Ronald Bernbaum, 64-page booklet, price $10.00

How To Play The BU Coin Game For Big Profits, by Ronald Bernbaum, 65-page booklet, price $10.00

Common Sense Coin Investment by Q. David Bowers, paperback, price $6.00

U.S. Coins of Value 1984 prices by Norman stack, small paperback, price $2.00

A Guide Book of U.S. Coins, hard cvr. 1983 ed. by R.S. Yeoman, price $5.00

A Guide Book of U.S. Coins, hard cvr. 1984 ed. by R.S. Yeoman, price $5.00

A Guide Book of U.S. Coins, hard cvr. 1985 ed. by R.S. Yeoman, price $5.00

U.S. Coins of Value-Americas #1 coin Guide, 1986 prices by Norman Stack, paperback, price $5.00

Gary North's Rare Coin Investment Manual, Large Binder, price $10.00

United States Type Coins-An illustrated history of the Federal Coinage by Norman Stack, hard cover, price $15.00

The Complete Investor's Guide to Silver Dollar Investing- illustrated by Dick A. Reed, large hard cvr. price $10.00

Silver Art Bars-Minature Art Masterpieces minted in pure silver Ingots for the collector novice & Investor published by J. Archie Kidd, 4th ed. large soft covr. price $15.00

Collecting World Coins-A Century of Monetary Issues, 1st ed., by Krause Publications, price $15.00

Cooking/Recipe Books:

The Hour Magazine Cookbook-The Most Popular Recipes from Americas most Informative TV Show by Gary Collins, hrd cvr. price $7.00

Oscar Mayer Celebration Cookbook, soft cvr. price $7.00

The Ultimate Food Processor Cookbook by Editors of Consumer Guide, soft cvr. price $7.00

McCalls Book of Marvelous Meats, vol. 2, soft cvr. price $7.00

Chinese Cookery by Irena Chalmers, soft cvr. price $9.00

A Book Of Favorite Recipies compiled by K-mart employees & Family of Mt. Vernon, IL. price $12.00

The Wok-A complete & Easy Guide to Preparing a wide variety of authentic chinese favorites by Gary Lee, soft cvr. $7.00

Food Processor Cookbook by Janis Wickes, soft cvr. price $7.00

Healthy Cooking on the Run by Elaine Groen, soft cvr. price $10.00

Microwave Cooking by Sally Murphy Morris, soft cvr. price $8.00

Creative Soups & Salads by Lous Seibert Pappas, soft cvr. price $7.00

The Baking Experience Of Switzerland for cookies only by Gerard A. Voland, soft cvr. price $7.00

New Ways To Enjoy Chicken by Stanley Wolf, price $7.00, soft cvr.

Seafood by Sally Murphy Morris, soft cvr. price $7.00

No Salt No Sugar No Fat Cookbook by Joey Wline B. Williams, price $7.00

Making Food Beautiful-Complete Menus Easy gourmet recipies Entertaining tips by Ethel G. Hofman, price $7.00

How To Start Your Own Highly Profitable Catering Service, 9 pg. special report, by Leo Minton, price $3.00

Antiques & Arts & Flea markets:

Directory to U.S. Flea Markets, 1st ed. soft cvr. price $5.00

The Great American Flea Market Directory, Vol 10, soft cvr. price 5.00

20th Edition Warman's Antiques & their prices by Harry L. Rinker, soft cvr. price $10.00

The Buyers Guide 1985-86 Manufacturing Jewelers & Silversmiths of America by MJSA, soft cvr. price $5.00

Official Identification & Price Guide to Arts & Crafts- The Early Modernist movement an American Decorative Arts 1894-1923 1st ed. by Bruce Johnson, soft cvr. price $12.00

Warman's Americana & Collectibles 2nd ed., A price guide devoted to todays collectibles by Harry L. Rinker, soft cvr. price $10.00

Official Price Guide to Antique Jewelry by Arthur Guy Kaplan, buy it, use it, become an expert, soft cvr. price $10.00

The Auction Companion by Daniel J. & Katharine Kyes, soft cvr. price $9.00

Double your Money in Antiques in 60 days, The irrepressible furniture Doctor reveals the tricks of the antique trade, turn your collecting Hobby into a profitable weekend sideline or full-time business by George Grotz, soft cvr. price $12.00

Kovel's Antiques & Collectibles price List, 22 ed. 1990, over 50,000 appraiser approved prices, soft cvr. price $10.00

The Best Of Everything- The insiders guide to collecting for every taste & every budget by John L. Marion, chairman of Sothebys, hard cvr. $10.00

A Beginners Guide to Antiques & Collectibles an expert appraiser tells you everything you need to know by Sigmund Rothschild, soft cvr. price $10.00

The Jewelry Repair Manual 2nd ed. by R. Allen Hardy, soft cvr. price $10.00

Collecting Antique Jewelry by Mona Curran, hrd cvr. price $10.00

I'll Buy that Too! How to Make Easy Money Selling Junk Found Around Your Home & Neighborhood by Dr. Tony Hyman, soft cvr. price $10.00

Schroeder's Antiques Price Guide, Identification & Values of over 50,000 Antiques & Collectibles, soft cvr. 8th ed. 1990, price $12.00

Antiques & Collectibles, Identification & price guide to Arts & Crafts, The Early Modernist Movement in American Decorative Arts 1894-1923, by Bruce Johnson, price $10.00

Craftsman Furniture April 1912 made by Gustav Stickley at the craftsman workshops, picture illustrated, soft cvr. price $10.00

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