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My Coming Of Age

by Akeen O. Watson

My Grandparents - True American Crusaders?

   ††††† Follow me on a journey through the life of my great-grandparents, then my grandparents as they struggled through poverty and armed only with a dream started their own business.Through hard work, persistence, perseverance, and strong faith in God they overcame prejudice, poverty, became successful in life and lived the American Dream.

†††††††† Witness the spiritual journey they traveled.Witness my grandmother, a Minister, who searched for the deeper meaning of life, and helped many people who crossed her path.Learn from her wit and wisdom.Witness her hard untiring work as she helped my step-grandfather build a successful business until her death.

 ††††† Follow my life journey as I traveled far and wide with my grandparents in their Ministry.Learn from my experiences with gifted psychics I contacted trying to cope with the death of a loved one to reach healing of my spirit, and to embark on a new chapter in my life.Witness my struggle to let go of the past and find my own way in life.

 ††††† Learn tips on meditation, decision making, breaking bad habits, alternative health, etc.


Now come along and take a memorable ride with me back through time!

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